I Have Walked 10,000 Miles Without The Gift Of My Eyes

Linus Eliasson

This intimacy
is something I have only read about
not touched with the blue and grey of my eyes
I touch you
in the night light
with eyelashes that only shut to breathe
and we just lay there
song after song after song
staring at one another
your head resting in the bed of your elbow
and the tears fall
softly down my cheeks
like the salty pieces of unconditional love that is pulsing throw my heart
it as if I have walked for 10,000 miles without the gift of my eyes
just the sense of my feet
the wetness of my tongue
and then suddenly my eyes have sprouted from my heart
and all there is
is you
I believe our eyes are our hearts
not the windows to our soul
our souls float not in our chests
it takes everything in me to look away
from a moment I’ve been avoiding my entire life
this presence
is why we roam the earth thirsty and hungry
and it is what we so rarely feed ourselves
this morning I am still holding the blue
and two golden specks in your eyes
in my chest
this will forever be etched in sacredness in my heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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