Dear Men — If You Sleep With A Woman For Fuck’s Sake Call Her The Next Day

Ali Kaukas

Dear men
if you sleep with a woman
for fuck’s sake
call her the next day
call her the next day if you work 20 hours
call her the next day if your car breaks down and you spend 7 hours at the mechanics
call her and tell her that her legs are the most beautiful walking sticks you’ve touched
call her and tell her being inside of her was like coming home
call her and tell her she shook the rocks to the mountains and that you’ve had the smell of her brown shoulder on your mind since breakfast
call her and beg to see her again
tell her if you don’t
the sun will not rise
the stars will not shine
the ocean will cease to swell
the clocks will stop
call her and tell her all you can feel are her lips left on your neck
call her and say you have never felt a body that fit so sweetly in your arms
that you spent your entire day dreaming of being hip locked and drowned in her grey and blue eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Janne Robinson

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