I Want The Lovers To Fall To My Knees Like Flies Stuck In Honey

Janne Robinson
Janne Robinson

I want a man to climb up
my soul
one arm lifting him
after the other
and drink my nectar
like the honey I am
there has been too much sex
and not enough soul ripples
too much touching
just to enter
too many orgasms
that lack the synchronicity I dream of
too many nights where I have woken next to a tossed bed and a blonde head
put my hearts ear to the body next to me
and not felt the beat of intimacy
there is sex
and there is making love
and I’m only signing up for making love from here on out
I want the lovers to fall to my knees like flies stuck in honey
and carve the insides of my legs
until my body turns the ground into an earthquake
and then enter me with not only the purple of my nipples
the mountains of my breasts
but the blue and grey and green speckles of my eyes
as we fall apart together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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