Hitler For President

Ali Kaukas
Ali Kaukas

I ran away
from the city
Encinitas is barley a city
but I ran away from the kids
with their sun bleached hair
red boogie boards
the tan moms sitting in chairs
with belly fat flopping over their black bikinis
covered in oil
browning like overweight olives
I ran away from the kid in the green car
who blasts the black eyed peas
On F street
singing as loudly as he can
while I try have a Skype call in my jeep office
I ran away from the crowds
from the redneck men with Trumps face plastered on the back of their white pick up trucks
in Swamis parking lot
I want a Fuck Trump sticker for my Jeep
a sociopath
a bigot
a sexist
fuck wad
of a human has been given
the reigns of the USA
and I am in fear
I am in fear he will be assassinated
I am in fear he will enable the racists and the homophobes and the sexist ass wipes
to come out even deeper
and they are
men grabbing women’s crotches in the daylight
two days after the election
blasting trumps hate and words in their face
Trump is one of the biggest mistakes the human race has ever made
we might as well of just reincarnated a rich Hitler
and the gays
and the transgender
and the Mexicans
and the Latinos
and the women
are the 21st century Jews
I’ve been smiling tenderly at anyone who doesn’t have white skin
this week
what would it feel like to have 50% of America
vote against their ability to walk freely on this earth
I ran from emails dings
the text messages
to hang out with hordes of black flies
hovering like scavengers over my oatmeal
in a orange plastic dish
with a blue spoon
there are birds everywhere
one tried to eat my purple lace underwear
looks like a berry
I feel like Cinderella
except less brave
choose a spot alone
far away from the men drinking rum in red pixie cups
and last night when the bunnies scuttled in between the bushes
I wondered if cougars and bob cats
like Canadians
I almost called it quits
slept in my jeep
but I stayed
and spent 40.00
to sleep on the ground
camping could look quite silly to god
you have a $2000 mattress and a hot shower and you spent $40 to sleep on the ground?
but when the fire crackled last night
and the super sized moon shone
and I read Bukowski with a headlamp over the fires humm
I remembered why we spend $40 to sleep on the ground
$40 is worth retreating from the wifi
the politics
the veterans holiday goers
nothing in nature speaks a language I understand
sometimes it’s nice to not understand
at least I know the flies
and the birds
and the bunnies
didn’t vote for a rich Hitler of the 21st century
they are welcome here
we understand each other in that way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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