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7 Ways Being A Gamer Makes My Children Better People

Life can be frustrating and confusing and unfair. Sometimes the best way to deal with that is to pick up a controller and face down a frustrating, confusing and unfair virtual world where at least you know that if you work hard, learn what you need to learn and master your environment, you WILL win.

5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men

A homeless male war vet up on a felony charge of assault is both legally and socially at a huge disadvantage over someone like me. To simply point to his gender as if that confers an advantage is not only deeply inadequate, it’s worryingly reminiscent of fascism.

7 Ways Black Sociology Shows What Is Wrong With Feminism

When a white person stood up and said, “I’m actually not really that afraid of black people”, researchers descended to see what mesmerizing actions black people were taking to create a white person not crippled by fear. If only all black people could act like that! We can teach black people not to be scary!

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