7 Ways Black Sociology Shows What Is Wrong With Feminism

This man scares you therefore he is dangerous?

I’ve been a long time reader of prominent MHRM website A Voice for Men but even with over 4000 articles and bulletins I still find new stuff that makes my brain light up. Paul Elam reviewed a book by Howard University professor Joyce Ladner called The Death of White Sociology in which she describes a shift from white to black perspectives in sociology. What is really interesting is how in exploring the racist assumptions about black people, she creates a roadmap to understand how feminism demonizes men and treats them as a second, unworthy class of beings, unless certain conditions are met. Here are seven ways that black sociology shows what is wrong with feminism.

1. Blacks create social pathology, they are not victims of it.

Traditional sociology held that black people created the turmoil of racist society by being all black and stuff, and they were really the authors of their own misfortune. The argument was that if black people objected to violence in their society they should just stop being so violent, which obviously ignores a lot of systemic problems like poverty and low educational attainment and active discrimination that help to create a culture of violence.

It’s the same argument feminists use against men. If men object to being described as rapists, they should stop being rapists, and the only reason they are rapists in the first place is because patriarchy, which was built by men so it’s all men’s fault anyways!  When feminists blame patriarchy for all the problems in the world, they are in fact saying that men create gendered social pathology and are not victims of it.

2. Blacks are better off if they act white

Again, traditional sociology noticed that when black people acted white, white people tended not to hate them so much, ergo black people should just try to be as white as possible. Black culture’s many ways of speaking and being and seeing and doing should be eradicated and then presto! No racism! Just lots of happy white people, some of whom are black!

Feminism gives men the same options: act like women and we won’t hate you so much! A feminist writer at Jezebel actually wrote exactly that in an article called If I Admit That Hating Men Is A Thing Will You Stop Turning It Into A Self-fulfilling Prophesy? Men’s culture, men’s particular ways of speaking and being and seeing and doing are to be eradicated and then presto! No sexism! Just lots of happy women, some of whom happen to be men!

3. Any research that shows blacks might be better than whites is off limits

Traditional sociology would actively ignore any ways that blacks might actually be better than whites and only publish research that showed how they were worse. The end effect was that when you did any research, it all showed that whites were superior to blacks. Traditional, strong, united, deeply spiritual black families that placed the well-being of children at the fore? Oh no. Nope. That can’t happen. Let’s focus on knowledge of Shakespeare instead. Whites are way better at recalling the words of some really talented white man who lived hundreds of years ago. Superiority!

Modern feminism does the same thing. In actual fact, men outnumber women at the highest levels of intelligence by a factor of six to one. You won’t see that research reproduced within a country mile of any feminist paper on women and intelligence. They will focus instead on Negligible Differences in General Intelligence.  Men are physically stronger than women, on average? Nope. Feminists are not going there. I have always wondered why, if feminists are so insistent that there are no differences between men and women that are not socially constructed, the Olympics has men’s and women’s events? Why aren’t they interested in equality on the sports field? They insist they can be combat soldiers and fire fighters but somehow track and field is off the table? Very curious.

4. The fact that white people fear black people is proof that black people are scary

Traditional sociology spent lots of time measuring and collecting and charting white people’s fear of black people and then used that as proof that white fear was justified. If you are walking down the street at night and some white people approach, are you scared? No? Must be that white people are safe then. If you are walking down the street and black people approach, are you scared? Yes? Black people are scary! Proven! Heart rates elevated, physiological responses measured, skin surface temperature charted – black people really do scare white people! Case closed.

Modern feminism does the exact same thing to men. When women react with genuine fear to men, it is taken as proof that men are indeed scary and dangerous. Women are taught that all men are potential rapists (despite the fact that women rape men at about the same rate), and when they react to this information as if it is true, feminists use that as evidence that it’s true. The rationality of the fear is never questioned.

5. Research focused on how black people needed to change

Traditional sociology looked at all the things that black people could do (like acting white) that would make white people fear them less, and spent very little time looking at things white people could do to make them stop being such paranoid racists. When a white person stood up and said, “I’m actually not really that afraid of black people”, researchers descended to see what mesmerizing actions black people were taking to create a white person not crippled by fear. If only all black people could act like that! We can teach black people not to be scary!

Modern feminism does this to men, too. If women are not afraid of men, feel like they are in fact equal to men and actually like men, there must be some mystifying actions men are taking to make women overcome what should be an inherent distrust, dislike and fear of men. If women like men who behave like men, feminists go on the allout attack. You need look no further than the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag on Twitter, or watch the BBC Trending piece in which the feminist representative explains that women who like men and are not afraid of them just need to do a little more research.

6. Blacks are animals and criminals and that is that

Traditional sociology approached black communities with the assumption that without a lot of white control, black people would instantly revert to animal behaviour and spend all day raping each other and any white women they could find. Without some very strong white oversight, black people would be running amok, stealing and looting and rioting and to prevent that, white people only needed to perfect their control of black communities.

You can see where this is going, right? Modern feminism tries the same thing with men. Men are natural rapists and violent beasts who must be told how to speak, what tone of voice to use, what words are allowed and what actions are acceptable. If women do not sharply control men our society will descend into debauchery and women chained in basements, beaten mercilessly by all the men who love them.

7. Black people get what they deserve

Traditional sociology looked at things like legal equality and dictionary definitions of opportunity and decided if laws and definitions existed and black people were still suffering, it must be black people’s fault because duh – the law says you are equal now. Even when legislation like affirmative action was enacted, evaluating how well that worked focused on the simple existence of the law. If black people were still marginalized in higher education, well, it must be because they are just dumb and can’t compete.

It’s the same argument feminists use against boys failing in school because the feminist pedagogy of modern, especially primary schooling, is no longer responsive to their needs and styles of learning. All children are allowed to participate in schools where you must sit quietly and learn abstractly and verbally and if your innate personality requires active, kinetic, involved, concrete learning, well, too bad. Here is your free feminized education. Boys who are failing are just not trying and they get what they deserve.

Feminists will be the first ones to insist they do not hate men and boys and they want equality for everyone. They will also be the first to use the tactics outlined above to suggest that if men are suffering, it’s their own damn fault. It’s not a mystery to me why there are women against feminism. The mystery is why there aren’t  more men? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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