I Tossed Out Half My Room And It Feels Amazing

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Last Sunday, I pulled my first all-nighter of the term… To clean my room. And proudly so – the past few days I have lived my most refreshing moments, despite spending most of them asleep, catching up from that all-nighter. I’m not a complete wreck, okay?

Hear me out:

I threw out mountains of packaging and crafty ‘sentimental’ trinkets. I boxed up clothes, shoes and books for donation.

I reorganized my wardrobe with one question:

Would I pay for this again?

If the answer was yes, I’d slide it into the monochrome spectrum that is my wardrobe. It’s so satisfying. If the answer was no, I’d fling it into the To Donate bag. Joking – I tightly rolled and packed each item because respect for those receiving, man. That’s probably why I spent 7 straight hours tossing, cleaning and reorganizing. How I did it is another question.

I motored through without a break because I was so desperate for a clutter-free space – not just physically, but also mentally. Honestly, if you’re stressed out (in this season, by exams), try decluttering. You don’t have to fork out 7 hours – you probably shouldn’t; I was just really desperate. I guarantee, though, that getting rid those wonky, makeshift cardboard shelves full of empty dry shampoo and hairspray cans will make your successive day-to-day more efficient. Instead of skimming over junk every morning, your view of a sparkly clean living space will streamline your energy, propelling you to complete that damn stressful thing once and for all.

I give because generosity keeps the things I own from owning me.

Admittedly, I have one more barrier that’s keeping me from letting go of material things: my sketchbooks and journals. Are all artists naturally hoarders? Help me out here. This is one facet of decluttering (or my weak attempt at minimalism) where I won’t budge. Sketchbooks, man. JOURNALS. Baby steps. I’m okay with this for now.

I’m kind of obsessed with my clutter-free room. To function (and thrive) with the basics is liberating. Try it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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