25 Cardinal Rules That Really Will Make Every Day Easier And Better


1. How you treat yourself becomes the standard of how others treat you. Do not let others walk all over you and mistreat you. Set the bar high and do not lower it for anyone. You deserve to be treated with respect.

2. Stand up for yourself and speak up when necessary. Because if you aren’t on your side, then who else will be?

3. Stop smoking (for those who smoke)! But if you must then switch to vaping – a relatively healthier alternative.

4. Drink your 8-9 glasses of water per day.

5. Sleep is so important. Make sure to get enough rest or else it will hinder you from productivity the next day.

6. Be healthy (meaning to eat right and exercise). Your future self with thank you for it. After all, it is the only real place you’ll ever live in.

7. Try not to have expectations from people. Oftentimes they disappoint you or they can just drop you at any moment. Invest in yourself and in things that won’t leave you. Learn to depend on yourself and most importantly, love yourself. Because in the end, all you really have is yourself.

8. Love the ones who care for you and treat you right. Genuine people are a rare commodity and very hard to find as we grow up.

9. Have a “just do it” mentality and stop procrastinating. Getting shit done feels awesome. Once you start doing whatever it is and gaining momentum – it’ll be smooth sailing.

10. You learn that sometimes it is futile trying to convince others to think the way you do – and sometimes you just need to let it be. Learn that everyone is entitled to their own opinions (although they may be wrong opinions har har) and it will save you from heaps of frustration from trying to “win” arguments. Be selective in your battles. Because sometimes peace is more important than being right.

11. Treat things you buy with care and respect. You worked hard to earn that money to buy whatever you have. So it’s just like disrespecting yourself if you don’t treat your belongings well.

12. Stay far away from your phone while inebriated to avoid drunken texts and calls that you will regret the next morning. Speaking from first-hand experience of course.

13. Be kind. We need more of that in this world. Everyone is fighting their own battles.

14. Sometimes when you’re really overwhelmed with life. Write in a journal. It can help you get whatever it is out of your system without the feeling of being judged. It can give you clarity when you see all your thoughts written out in front of you.

15. This is the time to start saving and investing. Download a budgeting app on your phone. Also, try to limit usage on credit cards. They can be evil, very evil.

16. Be clean and organized. Being organized promotes creativity and a peace of mind – whereas messiness does not.

17. You need to get new things once in a while! Whether it be buying clothes, downloading music, watching movies, reading books or whatever. Treat yourself and keep things fresh.

18. Be grateful for everything you have. It’s a blessing to be alive and healthy. A bit corny but oh so true.

19. Always bring hand sanitizer.

20. Make a timetable because time can get crunched once you start working – make sure your priorities are set in place.

21. If you don’t want as big of a hangover the next day. Chug a crap load of water before you sleep. We ain’t young no more (well me anyway, speaking from my late 20’s).

22. Don’t force anything. If you have to force anything then it isn’t right. Also remember to never chase anything that doesn’t want to stay and save some dignity.

23. If you want to keep track of everything you want to do in life. You could try doing this. On a blank piece of paper, figure out the types of “lists” you want. It can be: to do, to buy, to watch, to read, and so on. You can then write the points out on your list and erase them after you’re done. I find this really helps me organize my life since I’m a visual person.

24. Don’t worry and be happy. Worrying is useless. Instead, focus your energy on trying your best to prepare for the future. All we can really do is hope for the best because nothing is ever guaranteed in life.

25. Life isn’t a race and do not compare yourself to others. To each their own and their journeys. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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