This February, Fall In Love With Yourself

There will be lots of heart-shaped balloons in the stores while flowers bloom along the streets. Couples are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with candlelit dinners, their gifts wrapped in fancy wrappers. Then you realize that this month can be a dull one until you understand that you will always be enough, regardless of the day or month.

You can treat yourself and buy your comfort food. You can spend a night stargazing while thinking of your dreams and plans for the future. You don’t have someone with you, but you can adopt a dog and treat it as your wonderful companion. You can give yourself a gift after a productive day.

You see, this month (or any other month this year) can be full of self-love and solitude if you learn to appreciate yourself. You do not need to be sad all because you do not have someone to spend this love month with or butterflies in your stomach or goosebumps on your skin. Loving yourself means celebrating your achievements, your happiness and your solidarity, because you deserve to feel joy with your friends and family.

You do not have to feel uncomfortable drinking your coffee while surrounded by couples. You do not have to listen to everyone saying that you are old enough to be single. You do not need to stay in a love that is not sincere. You do not have to think less of yourself and treat yourself as ugly.

A time will come when you will never have to walk the streets alone. A time will come when you will have someone’s hands to hold while staring in their eyes. A time will come when February will mean so much along with the other months. But for now, hold on to these hopes and make yourself better while waiting for the right time.

Remember that it is okay to spend this month alone. February is considered to be a month dedicated to love, and loving yourself is no exception. Those who love themselves more will eventually find an everlasting love, because they know who they are and know their worth before someone discovers it for them.

You are lovable, and you deserve to love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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