The Day You Came Was A Blessing In Disguise

Joanna Nix / Unsplash

We were both a mess.

I had my own burdens to carry and you had struggles you needed to get over. Everything about us was lost and empty. I had to stand on my own without any fears while you had to find yourself after feeling like a failure.

I never thought you would come. In a way that not even a single part of our lives was good and positive. We met each other in breaks and patches. I was broken and you did not know who you were. We met and that was the only thing that felt so right.

I have seen your darkest sides. Few understood your actions and some easily judged you. And seeing at your darkest while opening up yourself to me seems to be a blessing. You found someone who could understand your flaws and past mistakes. You realized you were not a mess at all.

You have witnessed how weak I was. I built walls for fear of getting hurt again. You know back then I couldn’t trust people easily. I was fragile and sensitive and you need to sing for me most of the nights whenever nightmares bugged me until I can finally sleep. I have found someone who made me feel safe and comfortable. You made me realize I was not a mess at all.

We have been through our darkest hours and knowing there were patches of lights glowing in our broken souls made us to feel complete at some point in our lives. The day you came was not a coincidence nor an accident. Despite our emptiness and doubts, we discovered a reason to live and continue living.

The day we came in each others’ lives was not about destiny or fate but a blessing in disguise. TC mark

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