You Deserve To Be More Than His Placeholder Girl

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You have to tell yourself you are done with trying to be the best girl for him. You are fed up with lies and sweet words without any assurance of where you should stand in his life. Enough of the and pleas and reasons of “You are special,” “What is important is what we are in the present”, every time you feel so doubtful about your relationship. Because girl, you are more than what fit and met his eyes. You are not special and you will not settle for temporary things and people anymore.

Your heart should hold a man who knows that each day he has spent with you, is a choice; that he would spend the rest of his days with you- and only you. No one deserves to be a spare tire and a girl who keeps on getting scared that soon, someone would take over her place. The fact is everyone may find a better one, but the right person would settle for the right one. You do not have to be worried that you are only holding a temporary place that you can never call your home.

You are not a love wanderer, you deserve a sanctuary where you would find peace and comfort.

You are wonderful and all of us are. So do not take a lot of time filling the space of a heart who would never pursue you. You do not need a place to rest for a while, my dear. You need a home and a heart that is willing to make you stay because he wants you to be a part of it. Stay away from his embrace and find the arms of someone who is sure and certain. Know that you are the “better” one he has keep on looking for. You are enough and you do not have to keep on proving it to someone else.

The right man would never make you just a placeholder girl. The right man would not make your relationship uncertain and temporary. The right man would not look for someone better because for him, he already found it.

You can freely give the whole space of your heart but would never be afraid to let someone takes it all in. You deserve more than late night talks, out of the blue conversations and sudden dates.

You will never be just a placeholder but the one who would hold a heart of your right man forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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