This Is Why The Ones Who Let Go Are The Strongest

Camila Damásio

Because giving up does not always mean you do not really care. Letting go does not guarantee that a person wants to just be selfish to continue searching for better places and people. Sometimes, those who decided to leave are those who have been hurt the most.

Indeed, holding someone else’s hand will eventually convince them to let go of the grip. The love they have for someone does not even help them in loving those people more. That is the time that they have to go, even if it means losing the most important person they have in this world.

Not all those who left are considered to be cruel and heartless people. Remember that there are nights when they question themselves of staying with their decisions. There are moments that regrets keep on haunting them in the wee hours of the night yet they have to be strong. Like the one who has been left behind, the one who got away has a heart that is grieving, too.

The scars imprinted cannot be erased anymore. They hurt someone, but they hurt themselves, too. They lose the people they love the most, and eventually lose themselves in the process. These things are not easy; these are paths that they have to take because they also deserve healing.

They are supposed to be a bright star in someone’s life by they turned out to be a flame that burns every dream and future they have planned together. They are supposed to be a sunflower, brightening one’s day but their blooms suddenly disappear into dust clouds in the air. A love that is lost may come back but it will never be the same again.

To you, who decided to search for himself, you are stronger than what you think you could be. You have your own reasons of leaving, and believe that someone you love is just waiting for you to become whole again. Trust me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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