I Will Love You Despite All Uncertainties

Felix Russell-Saw
Felix Russell-Saw

It is more than enough that you cared and I matter.

Indeed, there is no perfect love story, but ours is not ordinary. We can still recall the memories of battles fighting against our fears and I believe this is never a sad ending. We are slowly learning; like how a beginner slides off his feet in the dance floor to avoid slipping. You, while tracing your hands on my back and me, with a fastest thump of my heart as it keep on chasing the beat of the music.

You said you can only give half of your heart and I should not settle for something that is incomplete. But I guess, we are born with only half of our souls missing and it is our choice to find the other one. I found it already; hiding in every part of your being. The feelings are sealed with fears and enclosed in a high wall of uncertainty. Yet, I want you to know that I will break that shield without any fear of getting hurt. I will still choose you regardless of those scars and painful marks.

You do not have to be afraid, my love. I know we are both terrified to take  risks but you have to trust me. Believe me, your heart loves in whole and not in parts. You are not broken but you are healed. Your imperfections completed and transformed you into a mature person you never thought you would be. I do not feel even a bit of uncertainty, but a love that will last as long as you believe.

You’ve had enough and it is more than okay. From now on, you will never have to think of failing and falling. You are not a failure; you are a blessing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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