Your Heart Is Why I Love You

Jeffery Wall
Jeffery Wall

I can see it through your eyes, and how your smile speaks for the greatness of the world. I will always find the kind of comfort I have been looking for to various people I met long ago. I wanted to hold it, take care of it like it was mine so I can live beautifully too. I want to plant deep gashes of sincerity and passion within its veins. I can feel it beating inside you alive and I know it is indeed willing to start a new life again.

It is your heart who made me explore the real you, while I instantly take a step back for a wider space ahead of us so I can see you better. It is not within those shiny sparkling eyes, the warm smile, or even not in the contour of your face. I can see the beauty of the universe colliding every time you breathe; every time your heart starts on beating.

With each passing day I learned to let the flow of blood crept through all the memories we have shared. Ever since you let me enter your life, I already became a part of you. That despite those silences, those inconsistent connections I am willing to take this as my life’s greatest risk.

It’s because you are more than perfect. Sincere heart speaks for the truth and real meaning of love. Do not let it bleed you for all the mistakes you’ve made. Do not let pride and anger swallow your whole being.

Stars are meant to fall and die but your heart will keep you from moving, from following what it truly desires.

I have made my decision, I have set myself to the possibility of leaving but I want you to see that the space was made for you to fill it with thousands of new versions of stars and planets that will never leave you, that will never fade and die for you created it through your heart.

Your heart is bigger than anything you could find in this world. It can hold on to any kinds of struggles and happiness that may come along. Please, do not lose it. Do not waste it. The real concept of love is giving the last piece of your broken heart until there’s nothing left to be broken anymore. Loving someone from afar, trying your best to lift her up while emptying your soul. Letting myself to own the last drop of hope inside me just to see how you treasure that heart of yours, I am willing to do it. Even more than willing to make it.

It’s okay for me to bleed. It’s really okay to swallow the pain. Because you have to accept that love is indeed dying. You have to give up your whole life and all its parts to know it is true. And when things started to be okay, you will realize you are more than alive and that your feelings will never grow old. Not this time. Not anymore.

I imagined you looking at the edge of the cliff but not afraid of falling but in believing that you will fly, together with all the wonderful things I have found in you; for your heart. Your heart is beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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