10 Must Have Tools Guaranteed To Increase Your Sales

Flickr / Miran Rijavec
Flickr / Miran Rijavec

Your business relies on sales to stay afloat, so you need to take advantage of as many tools as possible to make sure that you get those sales. There are loads of great online tools you can use that will increase your sales and help you to see bigger profits. Here are our top 10 picks.

1. CallTools

This tool offers call tracking, a predictive dialer, and integrates with most popular CRM’s. The interface is easy to use. Enjoy best practices and predictive analytics, so you will be making the right calls, and not just lots of calls. It works on any device, and you can use it to set up campaigns, review the performances of your sales agents, and more, even when you are not in the office.

2. FunnelSource

This app is for pipeline analytics and forecast management. Use it to track performance, improve the accuracy of sales forecasts, and maximize the integrity of your data. You can see everything in real time, which is going to make managing your business even easier. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, and your sales managers will have the tools they need to forecast and manage pipelines.

3. EchoSign

This tool lets you streamline your document management. It will send, sign, track, and file agreements, and you can use it on any device, from any location in the world. Track all of your deals in real time, and close deals faster. There are many more features too, such as branded emails that include your company logo, controlled security with authentication and password options, and more. This tool supports over 20 languages.

4. Geopointe

This app will integrate Google Maps, Mapquest, and other geo-sites with Salesforce so you can see the data from your sales force geographically. There are loads of ways for administrators, end users, and developers to use geographical parts of data, such as adding search results to a route, adding an address, etc. You can build, print, and save the route, and you can even optimize it for saving time.

5. Meeting Mapper

This lets you send notes and schedule activities in sync with Salesforce quickly and easily. It defines all of the decision-makers into various categories, and incorporates everything into Salesforce. It even schedules follow-up actions automatically.

6. Opportunity Optimizer

This is built on Sales force, and it allows you to improve team selling, margins, forecasting, and more. It is easy to use, and you can create strategies, plan and execute strategies, etc. You will likely see a big return on your investment within three months.

7. Nitro

This uses gamification to make everything from recognition to competition to achievement programs automated. Use it to motivate your sales force, get more sales, and deliver better service to customers.

8. Conga Composer

When your team uses this tool, they can create and deliver documents, presentations, and more that are totally customized, using Word, Excel, HTML email, PDF, and PowerPoint. More things this app can be used for include creating quotes, proposals, invoices, contracts, account plans, and letters. You can even create your own templates that are personalized just for you and your business.

9. HubSpot

This inbound marketing software will help you get more inbound leads via SEO, blogging marketing automation, marketing analytics, and social media. You will have all of the tools you need to get more traffic, convert visitors to leads, and convert leads into sales.

10. GetResponse

This is a powerful email marketing tool. It helps you analyze and manage email marketing campaigns. The main features are landing page creation, custom email designs, auto-responders, form builder, social integration and lots of automation functions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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