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When You Get Your Heart Broken By Someone You Weren’t Even Dating

How do you explain the heartbreak over the guy you weren’t dating?

You were seeing each other for a few months, you texted each morning, you met his friends, you cuddled, you laughed, he held your hand, but he was never your boyfriend.

How do you know he wasn’t your boyfriend? Well, you asked. That’s typically how these things end. You weren’t on the same page. He was your boyfriend in your mind. He treated you like a queen. But when you were apart, you felt the distance.

Maybe you knew all along he wasn’t the one. But you wanted it so badly. When he held you, you were invincible. On top of the world. You were powerful beyond measure. He made you feel so fucking alive.

Until the day you asked the question. The question you’ve been afraid to ask. Because you knew the truth.

He says he is not your boyfriend. He never wants to be that for you. You are shattered. Your heart breaks into a million pieces scattered across the floor. You cry alone. You are mad at yourself. You feel so stupid. “We weren’t even dating!” you say to yourself. “How can I be this upset?”

What you lost was potential. You lost all the memories you never made. You never even saw his flaws and he never really saw you at all.

My friend, you have the right to cry. You have the right to feel the depths of your emotions.

He won your heart and never even opened his.

This is the worst kind of heart break there is.

I’m proud of you. Even though you are sad, you refused to accept less than you deserve. One day you’ll find someone and you’ll never even have to ask. Because you’ll already know that he’s certain about you.

I laugh the loudest at my own jokes.

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