21 People On The One Terrible Piece Of Advice They’re Glad They Never Followed


Like people, advice comes in all shapes and sizes. Some advice is great— like the time your best friend encouraged you to get that 3rd slice of pizza at 3 am. And some advice will make you the T-swift of the #KimExposedTaylorParty. Here, real people reveal the advice they’re happy they never took:

1. “When my dad told me to ‘play the field.’ No thanks.”– Julie, 24

2. “My college professors always advised me to do alllll the reading. Which by senior year, I realized was totally unnecessary.”– Malik, 23

3. “Be nice. As a woman that doesn’t get you anywhere.”– Ava, 31

4. “My older sister told me it was totally fine to mix alcohols. After a few nights of pure stupidity, I learned my lesson.”– Tommy, 27

5. “A brother in my fraternity said it would be cool to get a dog for our house at school. Glad I didn’t agree to have yet another thing to take care of.” – Pat, 25

6. “My friend assured me that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I slept with my ex. He ended up having herpes— SO glad I didn’t listen to her.”– Mariah, 29

7. “Don’t talk to strangers. I’ve met some of the coolest people by denying that advice.” – Claire, 20

8. “My mom told me to be as accommodating as possible with the guy I was kind of seeing. She told me if he ever wanted to do something I should cancel my previous plans for him. I listened to my independence instead.” – Courtney, 28

9. “My friends encouraged me to stay at a college I was really unhappy at. I ended up transferring instead of listening to them and it worked out better than I could’ve imagined. Listen to yourself first.”– Jason, 40

10. “Cut your hair.”– Dylan, 19

11. “Never wear white after labor day.”– Kelly, 26

12. “Sell stocks and put $ into CD’s. BIG no no.”– Mason, 42

13. “To get an Instagram. What a time suck.”– Helena, 24

14. “An ex-boyfriend wanted me to shave my pubes. Heard the razor burn can be awful — Glad I didn’t listen to that d-bag.” – Dakota, 29

15. “Become a vegan.” – Liam, 32

16. “My parents told me to go straight to college after high school instead of taking a gap year. I didn’t listen and it ended up being the most incredible learning experience of my life.” – Wynne, 22

17. “Don’t get addicted to coffee. Why the hell not?” – Ted, 29

18. “Major in chemistry, when all I wanted to do was write poetry.” – Glenn, 24

19. “My friends told me to stop going after this girl because she clearly wasn’t interested. But I persisted and now we’re in a committed and happy relationship.” – Neil, 25

20.  “Another mother told me you shouldn’t try and be your kids friend. I disagree wholeheartedly.” – Frances, 45

21. “Wait for the guy to call.” – Paige, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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