22 Things Only Badass Biker Babes Can Relate To


1. The overwhelming anxiety you feel when a huge truck pulls up behind you.

2. The feeling in the morning of really wanting to wear that cute new dress but knowing you’ll regret it the instant you get on your bike.

3. Having a craving for the ache in your calves.

4. Being unsure if your helmet actually makes you look cooler or just really dumb.

5. Leaving way ahead of time to make sure you can get to work on time.

6. The mini-panic attack that comes when you get a bump or hole in the road or when you ride over a rock sideways and lose control of your balance for a second.

7. The awkward body positions you have to maneuver to get your bike up and down the stairs.

8. Feeling competitive with the bikers who pass you (especially men with complexes).

9. Meeting up with friends for dinner completely sweaty.

10. Convincing yourself that biking everywhere exempts you from ever working out (right?)

11. Getting distracted by hot guys’ arm tattoos as they bike past you.

12. Forever wearing sneakers.

13. Constantly having bike grease on your hands (and sometimes on your face).

14. The frequent desire to curse out the cars that are cutting you off.

15. Resting biker’s face (which is a mix between a squint and determination).

16. Not wanting to lock your bike up and leave it alone (my baby!)

17. Pissing off your friends and family members by talking about biking and bike rallies all the time.

18. Caring (a lot) about the environment.

19. Spontaneous urges to cover your helmet in stickers.

20. Forgetting where you left your bike (I swear it was just right here…)

21. Butt bruises.

22. Full body satisfaction at the end of the day. TC mark


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  • http://allensrepositoryofstuff.wordpress.com allensrepositoryofstuff

    I commuted by bicycle for nearly a year. Number 7 is very familiar. Since the dirt bags in our apartment complex had already stolen one pair of bikes (his and hers) out of the back of our old station wagon, I was not going to give them a second chance.

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