20 Socially Acceptable Passive-Aggressive Things People Should Be Banned From Saying


1. “That’s an interesting skirt!”

2. “You’re so red!/You’re blushing so hard!”

3. “How did you manage to get that job/boyfriend/gig?!”

4. “No, I don’t really see it actually.” (after someone else says you look like an attractive actress/actor)

5. “You look soo tired!”

6. “Are you good girl? You were soooo drunk last night!!”

7. “What’s that on your face? (when it’s so clearly a zit)”

8. “Your nose is so unique!”

9. “You look healthy! (while squeezing your arm)”

10. “I can see you’re really trying!”

11. “It’s so cute that you’re going for him!”

12. “What are you going to do with that major?”

13. “Woah! You look so different from the last time I saw you!”

14. “You’ve always been big-boned.”

15. “It’s just that your personality is really intense”

16. “No offense, but…”

17. “I’m not mad, I just wish…”

18. “Oh so do you have a lot of free time at work?” (after telling someone about movies you’ve watched/books you’ve read/fun things you’ve done)

19. “You’re really brave for pursuing your dream (that doesn’t make any money)”

20. “Relax! It’s not a big deal.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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