God Knows The Right Man For You, Don’t Give Your Heart To The Wrong One

I’m Priscilla

Don’t. Please, don’t. I beg of you, please don’t. He is not worth it. Do not sell yourself short. Do no settle for anyone who isn’t in active pursuit of holiness. He will not protect you.

I know the temptation, though it may be for different reasons. You find comfort, security, acceptance. Affection and love that you fear you will never find elsewhere.

Or maybe, he keeps promising you with empty words. Maybe he seems like your guilty pleasure movie cliché.

Maybe you’ve told him too much. Maybe you gave away so much, and you don’t know if you can get it back. You are afraid that without those pieces, you will never be whole again.

Please understand this. “Wrong guy” doesn’t have to mean “terrible guy.” Nor does “great guy” automatically mean “right guy.” You will meet many Great, but Wrong.

Perhaps he is the temptation you are facing now. He’s kind and makes you smile. He tickles all the intellectual nerves in your mind. He holds you until the waves of panic disappear.

But dear sisters, please do not forsake your first love (Revelation 2:4). Do not try to turn God’s “no” into “yes.” It will not work. Trust me, I’ve had to learn the hard way – many, many times.

And, will not offer you cheap consolation that God has the right man picked out for you (though if He has marriage in His plans for you, then this is very much true). I beg you not to give your heart to the wrong guy, not to disobey God, because He offers much better. He already has given you much better – Man who knew no sin, the precious Lamb.

God is in relentless pursuit of your heart, sisters. And, His plans for you are good. Anything that tries to steal the heart that only He has rightful claim over will eventually be torn away, if necessary. God is playing no games when it comes to your soul. He loves you too much to let you settle for less.

So please, save your heart the pain, like I wish I did mine. Do not give away the precious bits of you to hands they don’t belong in. Hands that will, whether it’s sooner or later, fail to protect them.

Dear sisters, walking away is hard. Painful. I’m sure. I will not say that I know, because I don’t. I failed to walk away and had to learn the much harder and more painful way. But, you are stronger than I was – I am sure of it. And, He will give you strength (Isaiah 40:29). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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