4 Years (Or 5) Of College, And What To Expect From Each One

Saying goodbye to high school is definitely hard, especially to those who’ve made lots of memories with their high school friends, classes, clubs and crushes (or boyfriends/girlfriends). Some may even dread entering college while some are way too excited for what’s in store for them. Just the thought of beginning a new phase in your life – new school, new sets of friends, potential love life, classes, organizations and more – makes you nervous and ecstatic at the same time. While no one can really tell how college life’s going to be for you, it will surely be a different but fun-filled experience you’ll want to reminisce through time! Here’s what the four (or five) years may usually be like for college students:

First year

As a freshman, you are still in the adjustment period – school, dormitory, roommates and classmates-wise – which is why you tend to limit yourself in things you do and/or engage in. Because of that, you usually confine yourself in your classroom and dormitory as you are not fully accustomed to your new environment. It is possible, but rare, for freshmen to attend parties organized by people from their universities or join university clubs/organizations as you are a little afraid of how to get along with fellow college students and act like one. On the other hand, although you aren’t too active yet in involving yourself with the university community, your freshmen year has got to be the most chill, exciting and stress-free year in college (without all the papers, researches and field works/internships to worry about).

Second year

Now that you’ve gradually adapted to college, you start to venture into various stuff that involves you in your community. You will find yourself getting interested in joining organizations or attending parties/socials with fellow students. Also, you try to meet and socialize with as many students as possible in order to broaden your network. It is during your sophomore year that you truly feel you’re a college student and stop worrying about not being able to blend in.

Third year

Sadly, as much as we all wish that the junior college life would get even better or turn out to be the best out of all, it is pretty much where things start to get tough. Since you are a year (or two) away from graduating, you start to take your classes more seriously. In addition, your professors wouldn’t be as merciful as the previous ones since they know how crucial the situation is for you and your growth as a student. Your interest in parties and other non-academic activities will decrease as you realize how essential time is. Lastly, your third year calls for internships and paperwork which start to make you feel and realize the stress that the college life entails.

Fourth year – Fifth year

It is no doubt that your last year in college would be the most stressful, challenging and difficult year in the university. As a graduating student, you will feel a lot of pressure as you are burdened by the thought of not making it to the end. You want to graduate on time as much as possible (and finally end your misery), that is why you work so hard in your academics. You should equip yourself with proper time management skills and patience if you want to survive your senior year. You will have loads of stuff to work on – research papers/thesis, defense, minor projects and field works – and sleep would be alien to you.

There may also come a time when you feel like you can’t handle it anymore and cry. In such situation, it is best to keep in mind that most senior students go through the same hell as you do. Do not let the stress get into you and keep your spirits high as much as possible. Nobody said it would be easy – it would be extremely hard, but definitely not impossible. So cheer up and do your best! Go get that degree and make your family proud! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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