Self-Love Is An Underrated Art

Avi Richards

Self-love is an art, not everyone appreciates it.

Self-love doesn’t mean acting perfectly and being strong all the time. Self-love means being okay with imperfections and embracing your own flaws.

It doesn’t mean you have no insecurities and nothing can ever break you. It only means you do not let your insecurities dictate how your day will go and allow yourself to grieve if there’s a need to.

Self-love is not selfish or egotistical. It is the very quintessential form of love. It is only when you love yourself that you will be able to give love to others because love flourishes from within you. It nourishes. It transpires.

Loving yourself is also allowing people to love you. It is not isolation. It is giving chances to people who show up, to people who care, and to people who are willing to stand by you.

Self-love is knowing when to walk away from people and situation that may threaten and endanger your peace of mind.

It is not cowardice or weakness. It is your sole responsibility to protect your well-being and your emotional health.

There are so many people who may look down on you and not see your worth – do not let it be you. It is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to fall down and fuck up. It is okay to cry when you’re hurt.

Self-love is an art. Use it as a weapon. Let it be your legacy. Let it be your masterpiece. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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