Maybe It’s Time To Just Give Him A Chance

give him a chance
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Just give him a chance.

You may say he’s not ideal, he’s not perfect. He’s not prince charming straight out from a fairytale.
But he’s kind, he’s gentle. He respects you. And he could be your night in shining armor, too, only if you let him. Only if you give him a chance.

Yes, he could be a little unstable. He fidgets, and oftentimes do not know the right words to say. He’s awkward and he’s a little too emotional.

But he’s there and he’s willing to stand by you. He will not get it all the time, but he’ll listen; he’ll try. He will try to adjust so he can meet you halfway.

Maybe he’s needy, or too clingy, but all he really wants to do is spend time with you. He may never say it, but he thinks about you all the time. He’ll settle for a “How are things going?” once in a while because he’s scared to come across as someone who needs your attention constantly.

He may not be the best choice, but he’s a good choice. He’s good at being himself and you will never have to second guess your position in his life, if you only take a chance with him.

He’s not strong enough or hot enough to be seen in the light. He may not compare to your ex-boyfriends, and he’s totally cool with that. He’s too easily amused by the same things your girlfriends are amused by. He never wanted to be the center of attention, and mainly blends in with the crowd. But he’s making an effort to fix himself the best way he could so you can be proud of him. There’s only one head he wants to turn for him — it’s yours.

You keep finding reasons why he’s not worthy of the chance. You try to justify it in your head that you two will not make sense together. He gets it. You are scared because of previous experiences. What you don’t know is that he’s as scared as you are, only he’s willing to take a leap of faith with you. He knows he can get hurt again but he’s giving you his heart without batting an eyelash. He’s trying to be brave albeit shaking knees and trembling arms. He wants to care for you and make sure that you don’t sleep at night feeling unwanted.

And you know what, maybe he’s really not the one.

But he’s worth the chance.

He’s worth the attention. Only if you let him try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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