The Difference Between Real Love And Selfish Love

Some people don’t love you. They don’t even care about you. They just want to stay connected to you. They love the benefits. They love the attention you give them because it makes them feel good about themselves.

But make no mistake, this doesn’t mean they are willing to commit themselves exclusively to you.

They will not put you on a pedestal. They will jettison you at a moment’s notice if they find someone who can better fulfill their needs. Never, ever let this make you feel bad.

Your worth doesn’t depend on how many people you have in your life and whether or not they need you.

If they don’t need you anymore, let them go. Loving and caring about others is always a good thing. It means you are whole and not afraid to share yourself with them. But sharing yourself isn’t like sharing bread with the needy.

The trick is that you shouldn’t let them consume you. Watch them grow, but never sacrifice a part of you just to contribute to an artificial growth.

Real growth means helping them nurture themselves with love and kindness.

These two are unlimited and don’t require you to give up a part of yourself. The problem lies in expecting something from them in return. That is not love at all. You’re just masking a personal need and are subconsciously convincing them and yourself that they are obliged to fulfill that need in exchange of what you have given.

That is not love at all. That is not how it works.

Nobody can love you better than yourself. And until you realize that, you’ll be just like them– an insatiable emotional black hole that will suck everything dry in its wake. Be a pulsar. Pulsars are beautiful and alive and solitary. And they never run out of light. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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