This Is Why We Love, Love

Everyone has the right to feel anger. Everybody has the right to be furious, to frown, to feel bad. Everyone does not owe anyone a smile, nor do they have the obligation to make anyone happy.

Every man is ultimately free, endowed with absolute liberty. However, man has this illusion of “interconnectedness,” that every person’s life is intertwined with another’s. You do this thing and it inevitably affects the action of another innocent human being.

Hobbes hit the right note, when he said the words, “Man is free, but everywhere he is in chains.” Man is ultimately free to say anything that comes to the mind, but that is being militated by an intentional product of man’s fantasy with being connected with everything else — libel. Suddenly, you can just put anybody behind bars for doing something that should naturally be a privilege for him to do it — express oneself.

However, as much as one can hold on to his right to freedom and liberty of expression, or just generally living life according to his own will, a thing, which he is naturally inclined to feel, proscribes him from breaking free from this obligatory phenomenon of forced connection —- emotions.

Specifically, love, or the capability to feel for another human being.

As much as one wanted to argue that emotions can be controlled, love is just simply one of the world’s magnum opus that to deviate from its calling is but a stupid thing to do. Everyone has the privilege to swim through the depths of egoism, but love makes one see that living for another is the greatest euphoric epiphany ever in existence. Love would fill your bellies with hundreds of fluttering butterflies, make your blood rush to your cheeks, dilate your pupils, and make your hair brighter. It would even make your feet unconsciously point to the person you’re obsessing with. Love enslaves us all. Love would even make it impossible for you to sleep tightly and soundly.

It would prevent you from voicing out all that’s in your head for fear of un-acceptance and un-belongingness. It would make you sacrifice hours, moments and even good food. It would deprive you from living the life you’ve always wanted to experience, because it wanted to mould your cycle with someone else’s schedule.

Suddenly, you are no longer your own boss, your own master, and your life depends on the breath of another. Love enslaves us all — and it’s the sweetest master of all.

According to scientists and according to the Reproductive Health Law, life begins when the egg cell meets the sperm cell — life begins when a contradiction collides with another contradiction. But does life really need to begin upon the discovery of a soul mate? Can’t it begin even in the state of being asexual? On your own?

Maybe not. Maybe life really begins when we have finally accepted to ourselves that we have to play with all the rules and instructions of this game (falling in love included). The challenge happens in finding, and sometimes even creating potholes and treasure tunnels in the playing field — creating illegal acts within the perimeter of a law-abiding universe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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