A 10-Step Process To Being Miserable

Flickr, Manik Rathee
Flickr, Manik Rathee

1 – Assume you know everything about everything, including the (limiting) belief that all your best laid plans will be swept out from underneath you and become dust in the wind.

2 – Believe everything has already been said/done before so why bother?

3 – Be convinced you are either very special or very not-special and believe each one fervently instead of just believing you are you and you don’t need to be special or not special to get to work.

4 – Worry, worry, worry, and then worry if you stop worrying you won’t get anything done, because doesn’t worry keep you motivated?

5 – Actually believe worrying keeps you motivated.

6 – Don’t listen to yourself, ever! Listen to what other people say, follow their lead, think their opinion is more important than yours. Be certain everyone has the magical answers to success …except you.

7 – Be busy. Be so, so, so, so, so, so busy! If you’re busy, you must be successful! Forget that being busy just means you’re busy… and that there’s no room for any divine inspiration to come rushing into your heart.

8 – Think that you need the entire path to appear before you can take the first step. Assume that’s how it works and, if you can’t see the WHOLE PLAN, believe that there must not be one.

9 – Look only to your past for the future’s answers. Never be open to uncertainty or new solutions. Keep trying on old ideas that don’t even fit who you are now. Forget you’ve grown. Forget you are wiser now.

10 – Be unshakeable and stubborn, not because it serves you, but because you’re afraid. Be afraid. Let fear dictate your every move. Let it cloud every decision. Let it keep you from a real sense of being alive. Let it control you. Let it convince you of lies that your heart knows are not true.


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