21 Signs You’re A Rebellious Woman

A rebellious woman has the “audacity” to shun all expectations of what she should be. She is not concerned with people who want to police her body, tell her what to do, or say things like “swearing is not ladylike.” Fuck. Off. Being ladylike is so 1950s. A rebellious woman is more concerned with being her and defining who she is. She sees all the societal pressure that is put on women and simply does not abide. She rebels against this crazy world which keeps trying to tell her who she is. Nope. She’s not even listening.
Kaponia Aliaksei
Kaponia Aliaksei

1. You adamantly refuse to be the kind of woman the world wants you to be. You shun the status quo and loathe outdated clichés of what it means to be a woman, knowing these antiquated views are holding us all back from expressing ourselves fully.

2. You abhor all definitions and labels. What does it mean to be a woman? Whatever the hell you, personally make it mean, that’s what.

3. You radically accept yourself. You know that strength is derived not from being acceptable to others, but about redefining acceptance for yourself all together.

4. You will never be small or less-than or weak. Your presence is a roar, never a whisper.

5. If you do care about getting older, it’s within the context of how much more you want to accomplish and do with your life. You resent the implication that all women bemoan getting older because they are so vainly attached to looking young. Bring on the wrinkles—they are a badge of honor.

6. You refuse to feel guilty for eating what you want or for not going to the gym. Your body, your fucking rules. No “guilty pleasures.” Only pleasures. Always.

7. You don’t judge any woman for her choices. Live and let live. How another woman defines being a woman is not your business.

8. You dress however you want to dress, refusing to listen to what anyone says about how women should or should not dress. Your clothes are not up for debate, nor are they up for being policed.

9. You refuse to have a small life. And, you take it upon yourself to define what a Big Life looks like for you.

10. The word “should” has no room in your vocabulary. The only thing you believe you should do is reject all expectations of what your life should be.

11. You know your life is yours to build or destroy. To play the victim is to be powerless and you reject the long-held belief that women are weak. You are a force to be reckoned with.

12. You understand that strength is not cold, distant, or unfeeling. You know that being soft against a hard world is where real strength comes in.

13. You’ll never say you don’t need anyone. There is nothing brave about hiding away from the world and people. It takes true courage to let people into your heart.

14. You completely and radically own your feelings and emotional reactions. And no, you’re not irrational simply because you feel. It’s irrational to be so numb to the world that you never feel anything at all.

15. You save yourself. You take responsibility for your own life and make yourself happy. You love yourself. You do not let anyone or anything dictate your worth.

16. You absolutely refuse to fall into the trap of being unnecessarily competitive with other women. This might be other people’s realities, but it’s not yours.

17. You know that confidence is what actually builds a life. Cowering and deferring to others for your self-esteem will never do anything except keep you trapped.

18. You have LIVED. You have fought the battles. You will never admit to your life being perfect, because that does a disservice to the work you’ve done.

19. You happily live in the messy. You screw up like anyone else. You get insecure. You cry. You get angry. You are not ashamed of your story.

20. You live by one motto: nobody gets to tell you who the fuck you are.

21. Except you. You get to tell you who the fuck you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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