12 Of Beyoncé’s Most Incredible Live Performances

About once a month, I start jonesing for a good YouTube binge and I somehow always find myself looking up an unimaginable amount of Beyoncé live performances. Then, I get goosebumps. Then, I get chills. Then, I cry. Then, I watch videos until it’s 1am and I’m like, what year is it? YEAR OF THE YONCE?! (Always.)

Enjoy these videos. Prepare for tears. And chills. And goosebumps. And the realization that Bey is probably the most talented performer of our time… maybe of all the times? DO NOT FIGHT WITH ME ON THIS SHE IS SO CRAZY TALENTED IF YOU DON’T THINK SO YOU’RE A CRAZY PERSON.

Cry time!

1. Halo

Halo is the song that just keeps giving. As a recorded version, it’s chill-worthy, but as a live performance? Bey can do no wrong with this song and she is goddess level when she sings this song live.

2. I Was Here


3. If I Were A Boy

Untouchable. Be prepared to feel so freaking hyped up.

4. Resentment

Not a song many people know of, but this version will make you repeat, repeat, repeat and then be like, so is this ’bout Jay Z or nah?

5. I Care


6. 1+1

Half live performance and half some phone video footage which perfectly demonstrates that Bey’s voice is next fucking level. HOW. JUST HOW.

7. Best I Never Had

*dies* *cries* *dies*

8. Sweet Dreams

Those runs at the end? Are you even kidding, Bey? How.

9. Pretty Hurts

Gorgeous. Perfect. ***Flawless.

10. Superbowl Performance

Untouchable. Seriously. Who did it better?

11. Listen


12. Halo (Again)

I know you wanted another Halo. Here’s Bey just casually sitting on a chair and singing like an angel. You’re welcome.

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