17 Times Your Love Of Books Was Officially Out Of Control

Books > Everything.
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Flickr / Patrick Gage Kelley

1. When you cannot go to sleep, no matter what you have going on the following day, because the book is too good and nothing in life is more important than reading a hundred pages until your eyes burn. Everything in life can wait until this book is finished!

2. When your significant other tries to talk to you when you’re reading in bed and you snap at them and then you’re like, “I love you, but honestly, you have to leave me alone right now, because this book just got so so so so so so good.”

3. Then when they roll their eyes and say, “Every book is good, we go through this every night.” To which you reply and say, “Yes, but this is different. This is better than all the best books. Can I live?”

4. When you have purchased way too many books at once and now you are paralyzed by trying to choose which one to start first, so you actually go on a reading hiatus for about three days because you feel like, whichever book you choose, you’re offending the other books for not loving them first.

5. When you basically just referred to your books as your children and didn’t feel like that was an inaccurate correlation.

6. When you watch the movie version of a book that you loved and Hollywood has, yet again, ruined an incredible book and you feel completely betrayed. Can you ever do the book justice, Hollywood? DO YOU EVEN READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU WRITE THE SCRIPT?

7. When you watch a movie based off a book and the choice in actor for a character you love is either significantly on or off point and, either way, it changes your entire view of the book and you wish you could un-know what you know because the book was way better in your head any way.

8. When you realize that, no matter how long you live, there will never be enough hours in your lifetime to read all the books you want to read and that this crushing realization lives on with you every moment of your life and it never gets easier to swallow ever.

9. When you get halfway through a book and you’re so painfully invested in the characters that you almost don’t want to finish the book in case something bad happens to them. What if one of them dies!!!!

10. When you loved a book so much that you wish you could erase your brain’s memory of it just to be able to experience reading it for the first time. Gimme that Men In Black memory eraser thing, mama’s gotta read Harry Potter again.

11. When you finish an entire book in one day much to the detriment of plans or friends or cleaning or basically productivity in any form whatsoever. Reading for ten hours straight is productive, right? I’m building my vocabulary! Again, can I live?

12. When someone says they don’t really like reading and you’re all, but… why… why would you do that to yourself?

13. When you have to actually be a productive and contributing human being even though there’s a book you can’t wait to finish. That book taunts you as you go about your day, just silently whispering its sweet-nothings into your ear, tempting you to abandon all productivity and lay in bed with it alllllllll dayyyyyyyy…

14. When you’re too tired to read and you become enraged at your own brain. Honestly brain, why have you forsaken me in my time of literary need?

15. When you meet someone who loves a book that you also love and you both get to completely nerd out about it and talk about it for hours and practically do nothing but just discuss books until both your voices are hoarse. And then when you marry that person because having books you love in common > ANYTHING ELSE.

16. When you start a multi-book series and you fully expect to hibernate away from humanity until all books in the series have been consumed. You have twenty cans of soup and enough toilet paper to last you, you’ll be fine. You’re not going anywhere and you are thrilled.

17. When it’s winter and completely socially acceptable to never ever leave your apartment and it’s your time to shine (aka: read all the books forever and ever amen). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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