How To Know When To Be Offended On The Internet: An Infographic

Everywhere you go on the internet, there’s this sense of outrage. Everybody is upset about everything! But, like, couldn’t we possibly be using that energy for something that’s worthwhile instead of just being upset about inconsequential things that probably have no bearing on our lives at all? I’ve devised this very helpful guide to help you understand whether or not your outrage is warranted. You’re so welcome.


Jamie Varon

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    […] TAXI Daily News 18/03/2015 0 Shares Share 0 Design No Comments The Internet can be an offensive place. In a no-holds-barred zone where everyone is allowed to voice their opinion, things can get maddening. Writer Jamie Varon of Thought Catalog has created an infographic to address that very thing. Titled ‘How To Know When To Be Offended On The Internet: An Infographic’, one may carefully use this as a guideline to follow when you are about to get seething mad with something you read online. View it below: Click to view entire infographic Click to view entire infographic [via Thought Catalog] […]

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