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The 11 Best Relationship Moments That Happen When You’re With The Right Person

1. That moment when you look at them and think, wait, could this be a more than just a few weeks of hookups kind of thing? Like, is this you and me against the world? Do I really not have to be the third wheel all the time anymore? Do I really have a date to all these weddings I keep getting invited to?

2. That moment when, much to your own chagrin, you get really unreasonably excited about changing your relationship status on Facebook. Sure, you’re being the most basic version of yourself and you can’t believe you just uttered the phrase, “Facebook Official,” but goddamn it if it doesn’t feel good to be a part of this club of people who get to go on dates and shit with someone they actually love spending time with.

3. That moment when you realize that you think, maybe, you don’t know, but maybe, you love this person. Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweating, and every single time they touch you goosebumps pop up all over your skin. Is this love? Is this what love is supposed to feel like? You calm yourself, take a few deep breaths, and try not to freak yourself out.

4. That moment when you think, do they love me? Oh my god, they love me, don’t they? Look how nervous they are! Look at the way their eyes keep shifting! Holy shit, they are totally in love with me and I am totally in love with them. Finally.

5. That moment when they look into your eyes and you’re like, did they just look directly into my soul? And maybe they did. Maybe they really just looked right into your soul and you know what they saw? They saw their soul high-fiving the hell out of your soul. Fuck yes, soulmates, indeed.

6. That moment when you’re all, alright, I never really believed in all this cheesy love shit, but with you? I WANT ALL THE CHEESY LOVE SHIT. I don’t even care if I’m being so lame right now, I just want to actually go on a long walk on the beach with you! I want to be nuzzling up to you next to a roaring fire! I say things like “roaring fire” now, because this is love, and love makes you do and say weird stuff, but I don’t even care, because I love you!

7. That moment when one of you blurts out “I love you” as if it’s a time bomb that had to go off at that exact moment. And you both do this in your mind and heart:

8. That moment when you’re singing at the top of your lungs in your car like you normally would do when you’re alone except they are there, too, and they look at you and are like, “Your voice is pretty good actually.” And you’re all, “Should I try out for American Idol?” And they’re all, “No, definitely not.” But you don’t even care that they kind of just dissed you because all you’re thinking about is how you are so crazy comfortable with this person that you just did your solo off-key version of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” without any shame whatsoever.

9. That moment when you’re having a spectacularly terrible day and they know exactly what to suggest to make you feel better. They’re all, “Maybe you should go get that $25 massage you love?” And you’re like, that’s seriously the best idea you’ve ever had and a little tear escapes your eye as you leave to get rubbed down by a stranger.

10. That moment when you’ve been with them for a significant amount of time and it hits you that you can’t believe you are still excited to see their face. You consider it the weirdest thing that even after all this time when anyone else would have annoyed you to no end, this one person has managed to inspire an involuntary smile to spread across your face whenever they enter the room.

11. That moment when you think to yourself, could this be one of those forever kinds of love? And there’s a little part of you that says, yes, perhaps it just might do for a time as long as forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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