20 Reasons You Might Be An INFJ

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Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging types are one of the rarest personalities from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Being an INFJ can be a challenge in itself and finding others that understand you is yet another obstacle. If you aren’t sure if you are an INFJ, here are some identifiers to help you out. If you can relate, welcome to the small world of INFJing.

You might be an INFJ if:


You can cut people out of your life. Not because you want to, but because they have given you no other choice. It doesn’t mean you hate someone, it basically means you have cut everything about them out of your mind. They seize to exist to you.


You are thinking constantly about every possible outcome to everything. You are thinking about every interaction, every word said, and trying to dissect it to the point that you have created a whole new world of what-ifs and then you overanalyze yourself overanalyzing.


You never feel like you are reaching your fullest potential.


You want to help everyone become better, even if they don’t even see the potential in themselves. You do and you push and push, because you care.


You love to learn and you often think that you are not learning enough. You spend hours just looking through books or online or watching documentaries just to expand your mind.


It is difficult to find someone that you deeply desire to be in a relationship with because of the vast list (probably a literal list that you have somewhere) of your expectations, but when you do, you are a borderline stalker and feel so emotionally connected to the other person.


When an individual does not return your feelings, you go into a deep depression-like state, trying to piece yourself back together, but also taking apart each word and interaction you have ever had and wondering where you went wrong. Then, after all of that is done, you cut them out of your life, but part of you is always wishing that it would have worked out.


You don’t beg others for their help or for their time.


You internally yell at yourself when you catch yourself being judgmental.


It takes a lot of thought before you act.


You don’t need to be saved, ever. You can save yourself.


You feel misunderstood by everyone.


You can put out a definite extrovert vibe, confusing others when you explain that you are an introvert.


You NEED me-time. Sometimes you sit alone just being in order to reenergize.


When you are mad, you disappear.


You remember super small details that normal people don’t remember, leading you to sometimes act like you don’t in order to not freak others out.


You listen to what people don’t say.


Others find you to be mysterious or cold, until they get to know you.


The people that know you well are aware of how awkward you can be.


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