12 Universal Truths Every 20-Something Should Take Some Time To Think About

For the 20-somethings out there, we’ve managed to survive those cringe-worthy teenage years and look forward to new beginnings. But, we should never forget these universal truths:

1. It’s okay to not know where you’re going

Or what you’ll be doing. Take it easy, because nobody really has it all figured out.

2. You can still goof around

(Although that’s different from being childish), and not take life too seriously just because you’re now a 20-something. Most of the time prepare for the spontaneous moments and loosen up!

3. Refrain from burning bridges

Because you’ll definitely need at least one of those in the near future. You never know how a certain connection will bring you to places.

4. Having alone time is priceless

And you should savor that. The years you have now are mostly for self-discovery and improvement. If you focus on yourself – the precious things will slowly come to you.

5. It’s okay to fall in love once in a while

But really – you should know better now. Maybe you were young and naïve then, so relationships ended up in heartbreaks. It’s about time to think twice before letting your emotions take charge.

6. Always find the balance between work and play

If you’re lucky to be doing both at the same time, then good for you. A lot of people never find the balance, mostly consumed by work – and no more time to play or have fun. That’s not how your twenties should be.

7. You’ll feel the quarter life crisis

And it’s up to you if you’ll drown in it, or pick yourself up. We all go through that, but there’s always a better tomorrow. Remember that it’s pretty normal to feel those things, okay?

8. Make room for new memories, experiences, and relationships

There’s no use to sulk over the past, or the way things were. There’s ultimately a reason why these people aren’t in your life anymore; so quit overthinking, and start living.

9. Not everything you do must be on social media

Because a little privacy still matters. I get it, you want to share what’s happening in your life, but leave something for yourself and always make them wonder.

10. In this day and age, don’t get too pressured

Because of the society and media. It’s quite important to still stay true to yourself, and not give in to the trends of today.

11. Keep in mind that beauty is skin deep

And that physical appearance matters, but it’s not the priority. If you have a good heart, then that’s real beauty right there. Your goodness will show, and you’ll eventually attract the right people in your life.

12. Hitting the big 30 isn’t something to be afraid of

Embrace your age, and strive to be the best version of yourself. We’re all getting old, but it doesn’t mean that we’re any less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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