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How 9/11 Turned From Tragedy To Kitsch

The great residual effect of 9/11, if you aren’t old enough to vote or buy cigarettes at the moment? “Murica.” Yes, that’s what 9/11 means to today’s kids. Not terror. Not tragedy. Not the loss of safety. It means “that weird point in time before social media where everybody liked Chuck Norris.”

10 Classic Comedies That Would NEVER Be Made Today

“I decided to take a gander at ten of the most beloved comedy movies of the last 40 years, reviewing them for content that would totally not fly with major movie execs nowadays. As it turns out, some of the greatest cinematic knee slappers probably never would’ve gotten off the drawing board…”

In Defense Of The ‘Poorly Educated’ Voter

Although “uneducated” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “total idiot,” the underlying assumption you are cognitively hardwired to make is that “uneducated” means “unlearned,” “unknowledgeable,” “unskilled,” and to a certain extent, “uncultured.”

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