Depression Is Not A Phase

Daniella Urdinlaz

That’s right.

To those out there that may not have experienced depression or known someone who has, please take the next two minutes and read this.

If not for you, for someone you care about.

Depression is real.

It is a consistent, invisible battle that affects even the strongest of us.

Kristen Bell once spoke deeply about her battle with depression and ever since that day it became clear that depression should not be cast off as some in-tangible burden that is made up by people “wanting attention.”


Depression is the same as a broken leg. You may not see it, but it still drastically affects the person.

And you owe it to them to offer one thing.

That’s right! The solution is simple.

At least on your part. The person who is not affected by it.

The solution is simple.


All you have to do is listen.

Dead serious.

Listen to them.

When they want to be alone. Listen.

When they need to talk. Listen.

When they are sad for no apparent reason. Listen.

When they can’t stop sleeping. Listen.

When they don’t eat for days. Listen.

When they need you. Listen.

That’s it.

Because the greatest need of all of us is simple to be appreciated.

When you take 2 minutes to listen to somebody else, you could be changing their life.

They will feel appreciated. Loved. Wanted.

And that can sometimes be all the push they need to get out of bed and fight depression.

Depression is strong.

But love is stronger.

So love those around you.


Stay Strong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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