Graphic: New Research Reveals The Chinese Government Harvests Organs From Living Persons Without Anesthetic Or Consent

There is new investigative documentary out by two Nobel Peace Prize Nominees detailing a horrifying practice in state-run hospitals in China, involuntary extraction and sale of human organs performed in a manner so horrific it’s barely believable.

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China, an emerging global superpower is also the most populous nation in the world with a population of over 1.3 billion persons. They are also number two in the world in terms of number of organs produced for transplant to persons needing them.

Some have wondered just where all these organs came from.

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In 2001, a Chinese doctor escaped China with his wife and claimed he had extracted the corneas of over 2,000 live patients. He even claimed that after their corneas were removed they were burned alive in incinerators. Additionally, the investigation claims that many of those forced to submit to these surgeries are members of China’s banned Falun Gong religious movement who have long claimed abuse on the part of the Chinese government.

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But no one would have imagined this:

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Not even those receiving the transplants know where they allegedly come from.

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And according to those involved in the investigation it isn’t simply a few thousand who’ve endured this practice, it’s on the order of more than 65,000 individuals who were cut open while alive and awake, had their organs taken from them, and then were killed or left to die.

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Not since surgical atrocities such as those committed by the Nazis and in Japanese internment camps has the world seen a government condone such practices and never in the name of making billions for the practice.

China denies that such practices take place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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