Shocking Video Of Random Attacks In Baltimore Show Bottles Thrown At Disabled Woman, Reporter Robbed

While there seems to be little doubt that the death of Freddie Gray was caused by something the Baltimore Police Department did during the initial 45 minutes he was arrested and taken into custody, it’s a pity that the protests in Baltimore took a turn for the worse in some places this weekend.

The above video was purportedly taken at a bar outside Orioles stadium where protesters attacked male and female bar patrons alike, even dragging one man who was defending a woman into the crowd not to be seen again. The rest of the patrons were showered with punches, bottles, and garbage, whatever else their attackers could get their hands on.

In another part of the city, an RT reporter covering the protests was robbed by a group of young men who seemingly saw her as just an opportunity to snatch a purse rather than to have their voices be heard by people around the world.

Baltimore police blamed much of the ultraviolence seen in these and other videos on “agitators” from outside the city. This despite only the fact that only three of the 35 individuals arrested over the weekend were residents of a city outside Baltimore.

These videos aren’t the whole story, of course. In many cases, peaceful protesters have shielded bystanders from those that appear to just want to use the protests as an excuse to do violence to strangers and property.

Unfortunately, it’s the loudest voice that usually gets heard in these situations. Contrary to the relatively restrained protests in places like Ferguson, the near riotous environment in Baltimore may be what’s remembered in the future rather than the unjust and unnecessary death of Freddie Gray. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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