Wife Stabs Husband Because ‘Smelly Poos’

via Flickr - Gerald Stolk
via Flickr – Gerald Stolk

The 34-year-old man just wanted to use the bathroom in peace, unjudged for what he may or may not have eaten too much of that day. But alas, this was not to be.

When his 29-year-old wife Emi Mamia caught a wiff of the bathroom she went into a frenzy but, even worse, when she saw her husband attempt to let their son use that same stinky bathroom (he hadn’t even washed his hands!) she knew it was time to take drastic, knife-in-hand, action. And that’s what she did.

According to the press in Japan she slashed his face with a knife and is reported to have declared, possibly at an annoyingly high volume shriek, “The toilet stinks so much that the child cannot even use it.”

Indeed, Emi, indeed. Truly you are the just party in this exchange. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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