It’s Not Just You! 25 Phases Every Anxious Person Goes Through While Trying To Fall Asleep

Trying to fall asleep.  - Imgur
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I think of everything at night, every night. But, there’s one thing that makes it worse if you’re a night worrier and that’s screens. TVs, tablets, phones, these all emit blue light (among others) that tell your brain that it’s daytime and inhibits drifting off to a blissful sleep even more than your everyday worries. Specifically, blue light tells your body not to produce melatonin and if your body isn’t producing enough melatonin then it’s not going to know it’s sleepy time.

Give yourself one hour of time away from screens of any kind if you find yourself having trouble settling down at night and make sure that when you turn the lights off you turn all the lights off instead of reading on a tablet or phone in the dark. Your body isn’t fooled. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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