Super Cute 3-Year-Old Calls Out Politician Claiming Obama Policies Have Set ‘The World On Fire’

This kid is a boss.

On Sunday, Ted Cruz was giving a particularly vivid speech in New Hampshire about the effects of Barrack Obama’s economic policies wherein he claimed that “the world’s on fire.”

A frightened 3-year-old in the audience, perhaps noticing she was not herself on fire, asked the logical question, “the world’s on fire?” Of course Cruz then basically had to concede that okay, maybe the world isn’t actually on fire and went on to tell the little girl that he’s working to make the world she lives in even better than the one she’s living in today.

This seems like a confused message. Wouldn’t any world be better than a world engulfed in inexhaustible flames that consume both hopes and dreams? This doesn’t seem like much of a promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Nicholas Wilson

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