Mother Trades Sex With Her Preteen Daughter For Heroin

via Hamilton County Sherrif's Office
April Concoran via Hamilton County Sherrif’s Office

Thirty-year-old Pleasant Plain, Ohio resident and mother, April Corcoran, was indicted yesterday on twenty seven counts after she gave her eleven-year-old daughter to her drug dealer, 41-year-old Shandell Willingham, in exchange for heroin. Corcoran is also accused of injecting her daughter with heroin. Willingham was charged with twenty six counts which include rape and video taping the rape of the Corcoran’s daughter.

Shandell Willingham via Dearborn County (Ind.) Sheriff's Department
Shandell Willingham via Dearborn County (Ind.) Sheriff’s Department

The rape occurred in June of last year but wasn’t known until Corcoran’s daughter went to live with her father and step mother soon afterward. Heroin has spread to places it never used to go. Some blame its spread on the previous easy availability of synthetic opiates like Oxycontin. Heroin is now largely less expensive and easier to get than synthetic opiates. Pleasant Plain is a rural area outside of Cincinnati.

A good question might be how the state can award custody to a heroin addict instead of her non-addict father or allow someone who has become a heroin addict to retain that custody. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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