Mother Of God, They’re Filming A Super Troopers 2

If you’re anything like me you’ve seen Super Troopers far more times than is healthy and in various states of intoxication and undress. That’s why I want to bring your attention to this Indigogo campaign for the lovable members of Broken Lizard, the group that created and starred in the original film of which we all have so many pleasant memories.

But since movie studios only want to create remakes of things that will destroy your happy memories instead of adding to them the Broken Lizard crew is crowdfunding Super Troopers 2 so that it will be both wonderful and eternal.

Here’s a link to their Indigogo page.

Here’s a screenshot of said page.

via Indigogo

The funds are climbing like a rocket. Yes, that’s $368,812 in four hours. The perks also compound unlike a lot of other campaigns I’ve seen. So, if you give $200 bucks cause you spend freely like that then you get all the lower level perks as well. 35K and you get to keep the patrol car, get a Producer credit, a private screening, a director’s chair, and tickets to the after party.

35 bucks gets you movie ticket, access to the script, and a Twitter shout out.

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