Enraged Park Ranger Flips Out On Tourist For Charging ‘Huge F**king Animal’ In The Bush

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuqhN6kbDxM]

“I’m being very serious,” the safari guide said. “There is no fence between you and the animals, OK? You guys stick together, even if something charges out of the bushes at any moment.”

South African safari walking tours can be dangerous but there was no danger in the world that was going to get this German tourist to shut up and stay with the group when faced with giant animals in the bush.

After telling the tourist several times to be quiet, the guide had had enough and ended the tour on the spot telling everyone to stay where they were while he sent a Jeep to pick them up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

The guide calmly explains the situation.
The guide restrains the tourist as he charges towards the Bush after hearing an animal.
Enough! “Shut up,” the guide says as the German tourist argues with him.
I’m out! Having had enough, the guide storms off, ending the tour thanks to one person’s inability to listen.

h/t Daily Mail

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