Why Does President Obama Have The Filthiest Mirror In The Entire Country?

Buzzfeed has a new video entitled “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About.” It has President Obama in it. It also has the filthiest mirror in the country in it as a supporting actor. Does no one clean up at the White House? Is this a Buzzfeed set?


Seriously, it’s right on his face. How did they not notice this in post?


Is that dried toothpaste?


I know he did this take more than once. You’re looking right at the mirror scum, President Obama! Grab the Windex!


Look! The camera is like twenty feet behind him and we can still see those spots!


You know another thing everybody does but doesn’t talk about? Scrubbing up their mirrors, Mr. President! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


featured image – YouTube

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