Watch: Convicted Pedophile Runs Once He Realizes The Little Girl He Was Meeting Is Actually A Pedophile Hunter


Forty-five-year-old Roger Lee believed he was going to meet a fourteen-year-old girl who he’d been talking to for sex but, after making a 300-mile drive to Newcastle, what he found was a man with a camera claiming that the entire scenario had been a setup and wielding a camera.

The above video and the entire sting was arranged by a two-man team calling themselves Dark Justice. They engage in the baiting of men online to see if they are able to catch and gather evidence on those who are attempting to sleep with underage girls.

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The above video, along with the chat logs Dark Justice provided the police, resulted in the prosecution of Mr. Lee for “attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.” The presiding Judge had the following to say regarding the incident:

‘You were caught by internet vigilantes, which is the best way of describing them, who pretended to be a female and you entered into a conversation with them on the internet. It soon became apparent what they did was pretend the female was 14. You went for it. I am firmly of the view you are a dangerous individual to young children.”

The two men from Dark Justice gave evidence in court for the case. Mr. Lee will now be on the state’s sex offender registry permanently. Lee’s attorney, Andrew Walker, made the following statement.

“There was no child anywhere near this offending. No one under the age of 18 had anything to do with this case.”Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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