Unhinged New York Principal Caught On Tape Promising To ‘Embarrass’ The ‘Animals’ At Her Special Needs School

“Get your (expletive) up and be a man,” Taylor said. “God, for God’s sake, you animals, some of you.”

Principal Kimberly Taylor still has her job at Hilltop School in Haverstraw, New York today despite the release of several audio clips showing Taylor engaging in a pattern of  out-of-control and abusive behavior towards the special needs students there.

In the audio released yesterday by WABC-TV, Taylor can clearly be heard calling the students “retards” and “animals” and threatening to throw them out of graduation saying “everyone knows this school is for kids that have behavior problems, so it will be a normal thing if we drag you down and pull you out.”

The recordings were made by teaching assistant Kenneth Egan who provided them to the school district’s Superintendent. Upon reporting the abuse to Superintendent Dr. Mary Jean Marsico, Egan was promptly fired. Marsico claims that these recordings were made three years ago and “involved a personnel issue that was addressed at that time.” However, there’s no indication that Taylor was ever punished for the incident or reason given as to why Egan was fired for reporting the misconduct. TC mark


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