Superheroes Chris Evans And Christopher Pratt Are Honoring Their #Twitterbowl Bet By Ignoring The Rules

via Flickr – Dex

Before the Superbowl had come and gone, Chris Evans and Christopher Pratt, Captain America and Starlord, respectively, made a charity bet. If the Patriots won then Christopher Pratt would come to Boston’s hospital for children, Christopher’s Haven. If the Seahawks won then Chris Evans would fly out to Seattle to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Here’s the challenge and the results as announced at the Christopher’s Haven #twitterbowl page:

via Christopher's Haven
via Christopher’s Haven

The Patriots were victorious and Captain America won but instead of taking the victory, Chris Evans and Christopher Pratt are going on tour to both hospitals, together.

Great stuff for the children of both cities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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