Graphic Ukraine Combat Footage Shows Horrific And Medieval Mistreatment Of POWs (NSFW)


Despite a September ceasefire between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed rebels, the war in Ukraine continues in brutal fashion. In this video, Russian-backed rebels beat and march Ukrainian army troops through the streets of neighboring towns to be humiliated, in violation of the international laws of war, while the bodies of fallen soldiers are thrown into heaps and treated with incredible disrespect. The photos following the one below are graphic and NSFW.

Ukrainian prisoners via YouTube
A Ukrainian soldier via YouTube
Dead Ukrainian troops being unloaded off a truck in piles via YouTube

Some estimates put the number of dead—military and civilian, on both sides of the conflict—at more than 11,000 over a 10-month period. This may include up to 4,000 Russian troops. Russia continues to deny its military is directly involved in fighting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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