This News Anchor’s Rant On ‘Racist Obama’ Is A Comp Of Every Stupid Facebook Argument You’ve Ever Seen

First off, Poe’s Law.

Secondly, I was going to post text here dripping with sarcasm but no, pretend news person Judge Jeanine Pirro deserves the courtesy of a real response.

Jeanine, it’s not just black people who are concerned about these issues in America. In fact, most of the country is actively engaged in considering these issues, often in a very fair way. It’s your viewers who aren’t interested in these issues, who believe any discussion of racism is a challenge to yours and their personal value rather than an opportunity to connect with others in a mutual attempt to have a better, more at-peace-with-itself country. It is your viewers who fear black men and women and you are the one stoking that fear among people who, overall, are likely very decent individuals.

Every president has a culture that they come from and favor emotionally. The only difference here is that the current president is from a class of individuals who have been historically repressed, purposefully undereducated, and far less employed. You may not be able to relate to that (indeed, you seem to be paid not to) but many can, if only by discussing it with others.

Contrary to your assertion, the president speaking out on these issues in a generally measured way as he has speaks to a personal integrity. If he was silent during all of these things then I would wonder whether he was disingenuous, whether he believed anything at all.

Nope, Pirro, your problem is the same problem that plagues many of your ‘six figures a year for doing nothing’ ilk. As Upton Sinclair said:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” 

To be clear, the video is an inaccurate compilation of cherry picked video clips and soundbites that represents the most dishonest piece of propaganda that I can remember. But it’s pitch perfect if you’ve read, like I have, so many ill informed arguments on Facebook that your eyes bleed.

Being concerned about bad race relations that result in death isn’t a black and white problem, Pirro, it’s an American problem but I wouldn’t expect someone who seems to believe in the concept of “real Americans” to understand that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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