Mother Calls C-Span To Shame Her Bickering Sons, Wants A Peaceful Christmas


C-Span got a dose of realtalk on this morning’s Washington Journal. While bickering about the usual partisan nonsense, the two Woodhouse brothers who are opposed to one another’s politics, got a call from their mother reminding them that they’re her boys. My favorite is when she says “I don’t know many families like ours” and then proceeds to shame them for acting out on most holidays.

Gentlemen, you apparently don’t speak for the whole family and you sure don’t speak for mom. While she was glad her boys missed Thanksgiving because of their constant bickering, she hopes they’ll show up for Christmas and behave like grownups.

Politics, it ruins lives and destroys families. Shut up about politics during the holidays. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – YouTube

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